Exciting news!

To better serve our fellow Barenaked Ladies fans, we are making some changes to BNLFans.

After working on this project for many years as a team, we have decided to split off into two separate, exciting entities to ensure that all the latest Barenaked Ladies news and information is available as it happens.

The BNLFans website is now found at Get Barenaked!

Please be sure to like both Facebook pages (Get Barenaked! and BNLFans)

and follow both Twitter accounts (Get Barenaked! and BNLFans).

(If you were following @BNL_Fans before, you need to re-follow, as this is a new account! A new web home can be found too, at bnlfans.wordpress.com!)

We look forward to bringing you even more great Barenaked Ladies news in the future!

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